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    We started HolidayFunder to give families, friends and individuals their own platform for raising money towards their dream holiday, either in part or full.

    Larger crowdfunding sites contain campaigns for everything from new businesses to community projects to family emergencies, whereas HolidayFunder is solely focused on Vacations, Holidays and Breakaways - big or small.

    Our own research showed that as much as 74% of ordinary people never get to go on holiday, or even on short breakaways, due to lack of funds.That is were we come in, looking to make a difference in these people's lives. This is the major drive behind Holidayfunder.

    Because everyone deserves a Holiday!


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Meet The Founders

HolidayFunder was founded by two entrepreneurs with a passion for helping people.


"Many thanks for your help with our campaign. I have shared with all my friends and family."


"We used your service and were very happy with it. Thank you!"


"A breath of fresh air! Where was this service 5 years ago?"


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