Holiday to see my future wife

I wouldn't ask for things like this as sometimes I believe asking for things like isn't right but I was hoping maybe one time someone would help out for what I had to ask.

My future wife lives in Kentucky and I live in England. The travel and expenses for even a flight out there is so expensive it's crazily!

Every day we talk and call each other and sometimes that's hard as she works and 5 hours time difference behind and I work being 5 hours ahead. On top of this her mum has Alzheimer's and not only is that hard enough as it is trying to talk while all this is going on can become hard and sometimes unethical.

This $1000 would go towards me going out there for 2 weeks to spend one with both of them and finally have that closure that we have been dying to have for such a long time. The distance is horrid and we need help in some way and hope someone will help us
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