Travel Fund

Hey Friends, you always have a bucketlist or wishlist for your trip, some destinations always capture your imagination. But it is not always possible due to commitments, time constraint and most importantly, money, do you agree?

If you have money then you take out time out of your busy schedule. I too have such destinations which I always desire to travel. If you can relate and feel bit noble, my request to you is kindly open your hearts and pockets to help me create a travel fund which can be used.

Why you should help?

I am social media professional with philanthropical traits. I do a lot of charity work in India, so it helps to help someone in need. You can start with as low as $ 1 and still can handy.

Moreover if you are a small business owner or a brand and are looking for a great content or promotion, I can help you end-to-end with my marketing skills and make sure you get enough visibility across your audience. It will be definitely in far lesser amount than what you spend on advertisements.
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