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Help Me to The 2018 Olympics


Hello there! I'm an art student in love with figure skating and it has always be...

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Disneyland for my diabetic niece!


So this year my mum, whose extremely ill turns 60, and her one wish is to take m...

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Egypt Trip


I'm a recent high school graduate Who would Love to take some time to travel the...

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Bring me to Seoul, Korea please?

Ein Sofhea

I'm 19 years old and I'm a full-time architecture student fully supported by stu...

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Holiday to see my future wife


I wouldn't ask for things like this as sometimes I believe asking for things lik...

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Social Cause Trip to Europe with Friends


Hey Friends, we have been thinking of this trip for 4 years and finally putting...

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Our 1 year old daughter

Kelly Dias

We would love to take our 1 year old daughter to see her other family who live i...

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Morocco Trip for Friend and Family

Sumiko Davies

My best friend and her family has a holiday booked in July to go to Morocco. Sin...

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Trip to the coast


2 years ago my girlfriend and I started a company and its been a long hard slog...

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Lauren's Turkish Adventure


Merhaba!(Or hello!) I am returning to Turkey in September 2017. It is a country...

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Birthday gift


Hi, I wish to take my husband on a trip to Spain in June and buy him a professio...

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Can any one help me and my mum


My mum has never been abroad and I would like to take her. she restently been il...

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